Uzumaki Boruto's left eye was once a problem that caused much speculation and analysis different of the Naruto fans. Until now, We already known that this is the Jougan eye according to the say of the Toneri.

On the shape: The Jougan's Apple of the eye is white. In the middle of Jougan is a a light blue and around is a black.

This eye has never been owned and it is very different with the known eyes. Even the divine beings such as Kaguya, Hagoromo or Hamura and beyond are sacred clans such as Uchiha and Hyūga, none of them possessed this eye.

Boruto was the first to get Jougan eye when he was young. This Jougan eye can be root from the genes of Hagoromo and Hamura (brother of the Six Part), he was the first person able to awaken this eye. In fact, Boruto was almost born in a divine body with both main races are the Senju and Uchiha, but the Senju have a distant relative of Uzumaki, and when Naruto married Hinata, Boruto has both genes of the Uzumaki and Hyuga. His strength perhaps combined both genes of Hagoromo and Hamura. In the future, Boruto can possess power's Six Part and he will be a great hero.

Is Jougan's Boruto really as strong as Rinnegan's Uchiha Sasuke or Toneri's Tenseigan? There is no exact answer yet, but it can be seen that Boruto is perfectly matched when his father is carrying the strength of Hagoromo and his mother has race's Hamura.

The ability of Jougan's eyes to see most clearly in recent episodes is:

- Seeing Black Chakra: With Boruto eyes can see the Black Chakra is controlling someone.
- See the flow of Chakra: This is quite similar to the Byakugan (maybe Jougan is a new type of Byakugan.
- Seeing the enemy weaknesses: Upgrading Boruto's badges can see weaknesses of the opponent.
- Looking through space: When in the Nue's space, Boruto uses his eyes to see Shikadai in the real world.
- Seeing the gap in space: It is not clear, but Boruto can hole in space to return to the present world.

However, it is not yet certain that this is all the power of the Jougan's eye. In recent episodes Boruto also seems to have no control over Jougan or rather he is not clear about his eye. Jougan only really appears in extremely urgent situations. We have to wait until Boruto mastered this eye to know exactly Jougan's real power and why in his dream Toneri met Boruto and told him about the eye.

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