Sarada Uchiha is daughter of Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno. She is genin of Konoha Village. She belong to Konohamaru Team with Boruto Uzumaki and Mitsuki. She wants to become Hokage in the future.

01. Sarada Uchiha is a direct descendant of the Uchiha clan is the last. There for Sarada get Sharingan eyes that become the main power of the clan. Well the fact of the Uchiha Sarada, Sarada is quite astonishing is the one person who quickly mastered and perfected after Itachi Sharingan eye. Even Sarada currency strength and Amaterasu Mangekyou able to issue at a young age that even Sasuke even when it has not been able to master. Sarada is member of Uchiha Clan wake up Sharingan without passing sock by dangerous.

02. Like members of Uchiha Clan, Sarada is very good about Shuriken. She can throw exactly on clothes of Metal Lee that don't make his body injury. Sarada has an affinity for ninja tools and her specialty is shurikenjutsu, which she demonstrates by being able to throw her weapons quickly. It is said that she is on Jonin level with shuriken-jutsu. 

03. Sarada’s hobby is reading history and mystery. Her favourite foods are things that are based on black tea flavours. Her least favourite food is tomato. Her attributes are: 160 in strength and negotiation, 150 in chakra, 145 in intelligence, 140 in perception, and 130 in dexterity.

04. Sarada's birth is not recorded in Konoha village. This is caused because the time that Sakura bears Sarada, she was not in Konoha that in somewhere. Sakura’s currently in a critical mission together with Karin to find Sasuke. Sakura gave birth assisted by Karin outside of Konoha. Sarada was delivered by Karin as Sakura and Sasuke were on a mission. There was no time for hospital therefore sarada was born in one of orochimaru’s hideouts. Due to the same reason there is no record of Sarada’s birth in Hospital records.

04. Property of Sarada ninja rank that was already reached the elite level of Genin. Level obtained by Sarada at a very young age it was not owned by Sarada one, but also by Boruto. Not surprisingly, the two of them often get a mission with a high degree of difficulty, including together with Naruto and other Genin level ninja. But the process has not been explained how they obtain the level or rank ninja. To be sure Sarada never do boxing is typical of her mother at the time of the ninja exam. No wonder already berlevel Genin.

05. Sarada awakened the Sharingan at age 11 out of excitement at being able to see her father after many years. While only just receiving it, she quickly adjusted to its power, giving her heightened visual perception to more easily and efficiently react to and avoid threats. She can also perform and dispel genjutsu. Sarada able to activate the Sharingan eye, Sarada also been able to use Genjutsu Sharingan at a very young age. Even younger than the age of Sasuke and Naruto when they are children. Facts about this Uchiha Sarada duly made deserves to be one of the elite of Konoha Genin especially considering she is also a child of the genius Sasuke Uchiha.

06. Sarada able to Chakra control from the body with a very accurate and thorough. It is derived from the mother’s natural ability Sakura Haruno. From Sakura, Sarada inherited naturally advanced control over her chakra. Even before graduating from the Academy, she is able to collect chakra into her fists and release it on contact with a target to devastating effect.

07. Sasuke is known as one of the genius ninja when he was a child. In facts, Sarada has a hobby is that the reading on the sidelines of the time. Therefore, in addition to having the ability Ninjutsu terrible for her opponents, Sarada also a genius in arranging a fight strategy.

08. What's Sarada Mean? There are one theorie that hold true meaning of the name Sarada. The first, Sarada sounds like the name says Salada which is a vegetable.

09. Sarada’s english voice actress Laura Bailey also voiced Kushina, Anko and Chichi from Dragon Ball Z. Sarada’s japanese voice actor, Kokoro Kikuchi also voiced Boruto in The Last Naruto The Movie.

10. Sarada has a personality similar to that of Sakura but her appearance is more like Sasuke. Her abilities are the combination of them both.

11. Like her father, her natures include Lightning and Yin Release, the former of which she can infuse with Fūma Shuriken to perform the Lightning Flash technique.

12. As Sasuke used to Karin for Bite heal, some of her DNA was infused with Sasuke. Due to this very reason Sarada looks a little bit like Karin. 

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